Project Description

Milling & Sculpting

Introducing our flexible robotic milling system, useful for large format processing materials from foam to stone and granite. From a 3D file generated using a handheld CMM 3D scanner, the item of your choice can be carved into materials including: marble, granite, plastic, glass & foam.

Milling & Sculpting

This system includes:

KUKA KR240-2 hi-accuracy robot
240 kg payload
2.7m reach
20 hp spindle integrated with above robot
Tool changing capacity
Four ton turntable powered by robot 7th axis
Robotmaster CAD/CAM software by MASTERCAM used to generate tool path motion for 7th axis
Robot could travel on a track in order handle large jobs.

Applications may include:

Statues & Fountains
Architectural Stone
3D Metal Cutting
View the KUKA/New Age Robotics milling system reconstruction work at the Canadian Parliament


Milling & Sculpting Milling & Sculpting Milling & Sculpting

New Age Robotics milling system sculpt Canadian Parliament

The owl and thistle sculpture before and after its restoration


Call us with your application and we will design a system to meet your specific needs.

We invite you to view our sculpting system in action at our facility.

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