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Panasonic TAWERS TA-1800WG


8kg High Performance Dedicated Arc Welding Robot with 1796mm reach


Feature and Benefit Summary

Embedded Arc Control Technology
A common 64-bit control platform and interface operating 140-250x faster than conventional systems provides remarkable new high-performance Pulse and CV (SP-MAG) welding solutions.

Ultra-low Spatter via SP-MAG
New welding process brings together the major benefits of Pulse and CV welding processes into one process – low heat input, low susceptibility to arc blow, wide process windows across entire amperage range, excellent thin material and gap capability.

Groundbreaking Feedback Control
Produces extremely fast, near real-time control of the welding arc with no performance compromise, superior gap handling, while maintaining wide process windows during low or high speed welding.

Arc Data Monitor
A high resolution arc data monitoring system whose effectiveness is enhanced by virtue of the superb stability of the wire feed and arc control is designed into every TAWERS robotic arc welding solution.

TAWERS: A High Level of Intelligence for the Arc Welding Industry

Optimized for Productivity
TAWERS arc welding robots are the culmination of years of research combining the new line of high performance TA series manipulators with the latest generation WG welders fused together using EAC technology. The next generation in robotic welding solutions is offered in a broad range of models to maximize your productivity through world class advancements unique to TAWERS platform.
TAWERS robots are optimized for speed – with larger motors and drives, increased acceleration and a high rigidity FEA optimized design. Exceptionally high maximum robot speeds maximize your performance by driving down cycle times.
These advances combined with innovative robot welder communication, industry leading welding technologies and effective software and hardware improvements crease powerful new solutions for your arc welding challenges.

Reduced and Integrated Cabling
The ability to design and manufacture the robot, welder and feeder package by the single equipment manufacturer provides flexibility of design, eliminating compromises required by multiple vendor solutions. TAWERS capitalized on this design flexibility resulting in an extremely clean and compact feeder and cabling package. Innovative cable management and design innovations provide additional tangible benefits including:

  • Decreasing dynamic stresses which allow better acceleration and higher speeds
  • Practically eliminating routine feeder and cable maintenance
  • Internal feeder cable management which increases uptime by eliminating downtime

Advanced Awareness
The TAWERS robot control platform incorporates intelligent collision detection software that monitors the force applied to the robot arm and drops into a soft serve mode when an abnormal force is detected. This function greatly reduces pinning of the torch against the welding fixture or positioning device – a common problem in competitive designs that drop into an emergency stop condition at abnormal force detection.

Servo Feeder on Board
During production one of the most important factors in a successful welding process is feedability. For this reason every TAWERS robot comes standard with an AC digital servo wire feeder. This new wire feeder not only provides a clean and compact package but just as importantly, it provides..

  • Strong, steady wire feeding with exceptional performance in low or high load situations
  • Highly controlled acceleration/deceleration synchronized with the robot through bus communication for optimum start, weld and ending performance
  • Extremely high level of instantaneous wire feed consistency providing an unprecedented level of arc length control
  • An integrated servo feeder with a force tilt mechanism that balances the forces applied to the welding toch and wire conduit minimizing stress on the cables and maximizing wire feed stability

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Tawers Welder


The 64 bit TAWERS robotic welding solution control platform is designed to increase your welding quality while boosting your production capabilities with exciting new technologies.

Revolutionary Welding Process SP-MAG
SP-MAG is a new welding process developed out of industry needs for a more versatile CV welding process. Where conventional and even high-end CV processes have tried to produce low-spatter, high-speed weldings – they have missed the mark ultimately demanding more amperage levels or slower welding speeds to achieve their goals. TAWERS has successfully met these challenges by bringing together the major benefits of Pulse and CV into one process SP-MAG…

  • Ultra low spatter levels
  • Low heat input
  • Low susceptibility to arc blow
  • Wide process windows across entire amperage range
  • Excellent thin material and gap handling capability

Ultra Low Spatter Process SP-MAG
Spatter is the enemy of every company, big or small. The TAWERS solution takes aim at not only the arc physics that generate spatter, but also other factors that directly impact spatter generation. SP-MAG combined with advances in welding arc starting and ending have led to an extreme decrease in the amount of spatter generated during the entire welding process. Extensive testing has shown that a switch from conventional CV to SP-MAG could result in a savings of…

  • 100-150 lbs of less spatter generated per arc (200A, 60 per cent arc on, 80 per cent eff., 1 shift 240 days/yr)
  • 100-150 bls less wire purchased per arc
  • Reduced or eliminated secondary cleanup operations saving manpower, floor space and limiting total work in process

Ground-Breaking Feedback Control
Using a 100 kHz primary side high frequency inverter, TAWERS offers an extremely fast response – providing exceptionally precise, almost real time, control of the welding arc.

  • 10 micro second control and correction cycle
  • 5x faster response than conventional feedback control circuits
  • Electronic reactor control makes special process inductance taps a thing of the past. Optimum current control during all phases of welding is now possible
  • Ability to change at will between pulse and CV during welding means no performance compromise and superior gap handling while maintaining wide process windows during low- or high-speed welding

Dust-Proof Sealed Robot and Welder
TAWERS incorporates a highly sophisticated cooling system that evacuates heat from the welder section, eliminating the need to circulate outside air across vital electronic components.

  • Virtually eliminates failures due to welding particle contamination
  • Provides a more efficient, maintenance-free design
  • Increases uptime and reliability
  • Fan on demand cooling system to reduce energy consumption
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