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PerformArc 102S


The PerformArc 102S is a member of the PerformArc product line – a Panasonic family of pre-engineered robotic arc welding systems designed to optimize your welding performance.

PerformArc 102S

Major Characteristics of PerformArc 102S

Your standard PerformArc 102S solution comes complete with:

  • Panasonic 6 axis arc welding robot
  • Fully integrated robot controller serially interfaced with high-performance Panasonic 350 AMP artificially intelligent inverter power supply
  • Servo controlled, high speed turntable provides low maintenance, reliable operation, 60 inch working diameter
  • Integrated operator control station
  • Integrated safety environments


All equipment comes pre-wired and pre-assembled in a compact cell installed directly onto your production floor. There is no assembly or set-up required. Unlike other pre-engineered systems that can take days to assemble, your PerformArc 102S can be up and running within hours.

The PerformArc 102S system can be configured to your specific welding requirements, getting you into production fast and increasing your production capacity.

Wide Variety of Options

System Options:

  • Step down transformer with main disconnect switch, pre-wired and assembled (208; 230; 575 VAC; 3 phase)
  • Panalign torch alignment system
  • Touch sensing function
  • Seam tracking
  • Spin arc high-speed seam tracking
  • Training and installation assistance package
  • Nozzle cleaning station
  • Device net / AB remote I/O

Welding Options:

  • Panasonic high-performance inverter power supplies (MIG, DIP Pulse MIG and TIG)
  • Water-cooled gun with water circulator

Robot Options:

  • VR-004G2
  • VR-006G2
  • VR-006GXP
  • TA-1000WG
  • TA-1000G2
  • TA-1400WG
  • TA-1400G2
Standard Specifications

p102dAll equipment is pre-assembled and pre-wired

  • VR-004G2 electric arc welding 6 axis articulated robot manipulator
  • VR-004G2 – 1397 mm electrode reach, VR-006G2 – 1810 mm electrode reach
  • + 0.1 mm/0.004″ or less repeatability
  • Fully integrated robot controller serially interfaced with high-performance Panasonic 350 AMP artificially intelligent inverter power supply
  • Lightweight Windows CE teach pendant with easy-to-use programming and editing functions
  • Arc start retry function
  • Automatic wire stick release function
  • Overlap function
  • Flying start
  • Resume function
  • Tool centerpoint calibration function
  • Parallel shift and RT rotation function
  • Manipulator mounted swivel type 2 drive roll Panasonic wire feeder
  • Panasonic safety torch mount
  • Torch alignment gauge
  • Panasonic air cooled torch
  • High speed 2.2-second rotation, servo-driven turntable, 350 lb. capacity each side, 18″ off center, 2 position, 60″ working diameter, 180 degree indexing, with safety center protection barrier
  • Turntable has hollow center design for utilities
  • Full function operator controls
  • Common mounting base with mounting provisions. Easy forklift access for moving.
  • Integrated safety environment (includes fencing, interlock gate, weld screen barriers and interlock operator safety shield)
  • SPC welding current and voltage monitoring function
  • TIP exchange monitoring function
  • Input voltage requirements 460 volt AC, 3 phase, 30 KVA

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