Robotic MIG Welding System

Robotic MIG Welding System

Robotic MIG Welding Cell including:

• Reconditioned Panasonic TA 1400 robot with G2 controller
• internal 350A Panasonic welding power source
• Panasonic robotic wire feeder
• 500A air-cooled Tregaskiss welding torch.
• Servo driven index table (robot controlled)
• Two 36” wide x 22” deep fixture plates (can support larger fixtures, 58” wide x 22” deep)
• Indexing table has 90” clear swing diameter.
• A/B CompactLogix PLC/HMI controls package.
This version will not support automated tooling, pneumatic clamps or part sensors. See option for automated tooling interface.
• Full safety enclosure with weld flash curtains
• Two sets of safety light curtains at the operator station.
• The cell meets all applicable safety standards.
Overall cell footprint approx. 15’-4” long x 8’-2” wide

Optional items

• Reconditioned nozzle cleaner with TCP check point and antispatter sprayer (installed & programmed)
• Automation package for automated tooling interface; to include
valves, multiport, Harting connectors, PLC and HMI
• Tooling, integration
• Robot programing and system operation training

Additional Information

Additional pictures or information available upon request.
All our robots and welders come with a six-month parts warranty.

We can also provide integration, tooling, training, start-up, extended warranty.

For More Information, Please Call 519-621-3333 and /or email:

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