MIG welding package Panasonic Tawers 1400 robot arm, GIII controller and GIII welder

GIII welder/ G III controller/6 kg payload/1.4 reach, robotic feeder and torch

The robot is manufactured in 2012 and includes:
➢ robot arm TA 1400, 1400mm reach
➢ G3 controller
➢ welding unit: Panasonic G3
➢ cables
➢ programming unit
➢ 350A air cooled robotic torch
➢ robotic feeder
➢ six months warranty on robot and welder, parts only
➢ 24V Touch sensing (included)
➢ 80V Touch sensing for material covered by slight scale. (optional)
➢ constant current control (extra)

➢ TAWERS " all in one integrated arc welding robot system"
➢ 350A power source common cabinet with the robot controller.
➢ duty cycle 350A 80% CV, 60% Pulse,
➢ 100kHz primary side inverter power source,
➢ precise welding waveform, spatter reduction control for high efficiency wire usage and high-speed welding
➢ fully software-controlled welding arc
➢ synchronization between welding waveform and robot motion -external axes could be added as an option.