ABB 1400 , S4 +Controller welding

Model M2000, FRONIUS  CMT VR&7000 welder, robotic feeder and torch

Fronius CMT VR7000 with ABB iRB 1400 M2000 Robot Arm

Fronius CMT VR7000 with ABB robot – MIG WELDING package including:

Abb robot 1400 S4C+ controller, M2000 model, manuf 2005 complete in excellent condition Fronius CMT ( Cold Metal transfer ) Model VR7000



Wholly new applications open up

So what are some typical areas of application for the CMT process? Which metals and materials “prefer it cold”? All thin and ultra-light gauge sheets, from as thin as 0.3 mm; for MIG brazing of galvanized sheets, and for joining steel to aluminum. Until CMT, applications like these were only possible under difficult and labour intensive conditions (e.g. weld-pool backing support), or users had to resort to different joining technologies altogether – which of course meant doing without all the advantages of a welded joint. With CMT, what used to seem impossible is now possible.

CMT sets brand-new standards in welding technology.

This process is ideal for e.g. the automobile and allied vendor industries, the aerospace sector and for structural and portal work. Essentially, all automated or robot-assisted tasks are suitable. All customary base and filler metals can be used.