PANASONIC – The Active GIII TAWERS Arc Welding Robot System is an upgraded version of the TAWERS GIII Platform with a continuous back-and-forth wire Active Feeding

PANASONIC Robots feature an integrated inverter power source within the controller.

The TAWERS GIII Arc Welding System with an integrated 350A inverter pulse power source is suitable for MAG, MIG, and TIG welding applications.

Manufactured 2005,175 kg payload/2.5m reach robot

120 kg payload / 2.4 m, 2.8 m, 3.0 m reach robot

Model M2000, FRONIUS  CMT VR&7000 welder, robotic feeder and torch

Manufactured 2017, six axis, 200 kg payload, 2.6m reach

Manufactured 2015, 6 kg payload, 706.7 mm reach

Manufactured 2005, 6 axes, 50kg payload, 2046mm reach

Manufactured 2005 , 100 kg payload/6 axis / 3,010 mm/118.5″ reach

Manufactured 2010, 6 axis ,50kg payload, 2061mm reach

Manufactured 2012, 6 axis, 20 kg payload, 1717mm

Manufactured 2012, 6 axis, 3 kg payload, 1434mm

GIII welder/ G III controller/6 kg payload/1.4 reach, robotic feeder and torch

TAWERS welder/Control GII E1400 / 6 kg payload / 1.4 m reach, robotic feeder and torch